Bayeux First Town Liberated on the Continent
British forces liberated Bayeux, without any German resistance, on the morning of 7th June. From the previous day, units of 56th and 151st Brigades had taken up positions on the outskirts of the town after having landed on Gold Beach. Saint-Vigor, in the suburbs of the town, had even been occupied by 2nd Gloucestershire Regiment on 6th June. On the morning of 7th June, troops of 2nd Essex Regiment of 56th Brigade (50th Division) were the first to enter the town following several short skirmishes near the Post Office, which attracted the applause of a curious crowd of onlookers. During the afternoon, Bayeux finally celebrated its liberation, the German forces had evacuated the town preferring to concentrate on defending Caen. Bayeux, the sub prefecture of the Calvados district that had been saved from Allied bombing became the first town to be liberated on the Continent.