The Failure of 9th Brigade at Authie, Buron, Saint-Contest
The objective of the Canadian 9th Brigade was to advance, with naval gun fire support, on Buron, Authie, Franqueville and Carpiquet. Towards 1100 hours, troops of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders and tanks of 27th Regiment crossed, without difficulty, the anti-tank ditch at Buron, north of Caen, and made their way through the village at 1150 hours. Authie was reached, also without difficulty, at 1230 hours. However, with Carpiquet in sight, artillery fire from 25th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment (12th SS Hitler Youth Division) rained down on the Canadian-Scots. A and B Companies were decimated as they withdrew to Buron and C Company was annihilated in Authie by grenadiers of 25th Regiment. A withdrawal was ordered to Villons under the protection of Royal Navy gun fire. The Germans had destroyed 21 Canadian tanks and 400 men were lost, 110 of them killed in action. Authie, Buron and Saint-Contest were still in German hands.