The Liberation of Grandcamp
To the west of la Pointe du Hoc, Grandcamp was awaiting its liberation. After reinforcing their comrades at la Pointe, the troops of 116th Regiment of 29th American Division, supported by 5th Rangers and armour from 743rd Tank Battalion, advanced along the coastal road to Grandcamp which was heavily defended by 352nd German Infantry Division. The infantry requested naval gunfire support and the battleship USS Texas and the cruiser HMS Glasgow shelled the German positions around the small port. Over 113 shells rained down on the enemy strong points between 1500 hours and 1600 hours. In the early evening, troops of 116th Infantry Regiment supported by armour of 743rd Battalion, assaulted the town, liberating it later that night. On the evening of 8th June, General Bradley installed his first command post, while work to restore the harbour had begun.

General Bradley Establishes his Headquarters in Normandy
The commander of 1st American Army, General Bradley, had not left the bridge of the cruiser USS Augusta, since leaving Portsmouth on 5th June. It was from this position that he witnessed, the bloody battle for Omaha Beach on D-Day. On 10th June, Bradley left the ship with his staff and set up headquarters at Grandcamp before attending a meeting with Montgomery and General Dempsey, at Port-en-Bessin, to discuss a future pincer movement on Caen.