The Liberation of Isigny
Isigny was a strategic point between Utah and Omaha Beaches. The initial plan was to liberate Isigny on D-Day but, due to the heavy fighting on Omaha, the 29th Infantry Division was unable to reach its objective. On 8th June, while the American 747th Tank Battalion assaulted the town, naval gun fire shelled, throughout the day, the German strong points which had previously been by (enlevé) bombed by the American air force. The assault was carried out by lead units of 175th Infantry Regiment (29th Infantry Division) crossing the frontline during the night and liberating the village at 0500 hours but, 80% of the town had been destroyed. Isigny was honoured with a visit by General de Gaulle, on 14th June 1944, during a brief tour to Normandy to reestablish French republican legitimacy. With Isigny’s liberation, the junction between the two American bridgeheads grew nearer.