The End for the Lignières Maquis
The Lignières-la-Doucelle Maquis, established to the south of Gacé on the frontier between the Mayenne and Orne regions, was one of the rare maquis in Normandy which, due to its topography, was not ideal for the formation of resistance units. On 13th June, the Maquis was attacked by the German forces in reprisal for the ambush of a German convoy. During the combat, Daniel Desmeulles, the head of the secret army in the sector, was taken prisoner without his identity being known to the Germans. The assault consisted of an attack on 40 members of the Maquis by five times the number of Germans. By night fall, the members of the resistance had withdrawn leaving behind 5 dead and 7 wounded, who were later executed by the Germans.