Pont L’Abbé


The Liberation of Pont-L’Abbé
On 6th June, Pont L’Abbé was the objective of 508th Regiment of 82nd Airborne but, due to the parachute drop being widely dispersed and the need to reinforce the fragile bridgehead to the west of the Merderet, the town remained in German hands. Following an aerial bombardment, at 1700 hours, and a heavy artillery barrage, at 1930 hours, 359th Infantry Regiment of 90th American Division entered Pont L’Abbée on the night of 12th-13th June. However, the village had been destroyed to 85% as a result of the violent combat, artillery fire and aerial bombardment, with incendiary bombs, which destroyed entire districts of the town including the psychiatric hospital. Due to the division’s unsatisfactory performance, General Bradley replaced the divisional commander, General MacKelvie, by General Landrum.